Manna House | Our Services
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Our Services

Nightly Distribution:

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 4pm-7pm*

(Closed only for major holidays or severe weather)

A daily provision of food for individuals, families, and the homeless in our community.

We welcome anyone in need every time we are open.

Primary foods available include canned goods, bread, breakfast items, and desserts.

*Volunteers are welcome anytime between 2-7pm.


Backpack Program:

P.E.R.K.S. (Personal Emergency Resources for Kids in School):

This program provides snacks and ready-to-eat foods for elementary school children

that lack adequate food supplies on the weekend.

*To sponsor a child in this program currently cost $14 per month.

*Volunteers pack P.E.R.K.S. bags on Wednesday’s 2:30-6:30pm



Provides diapers, wipes, clothing, equipment and lots of love to

expectant mothers, new moms, and preschool moms.

Phone support is also available 24/7.


Volunteer Recommendations:

* Ages 4 and up welcome.

* Stay only as long as your feet, back, or children can endure.

* Drop in when you can – leave when you need to.

* We don’t sign up, just show up.